We are

Tomas Reyes


Desiree Jamal.

We are Tomas Reyes and Desiree Jamal.
Husband and wife, partners, friends and hardworking people that decided to start a new adventure. After, working in the food industry for several years we realized that the one thing we love the most is: Cooking!.  We really enjoy creating and innovating in the kitchen and we decided to become young entrepreneurs. 

We establish our own brand based in our culinary roots to portray the magic of fusion that coexist among Latin cuisines and we called it MAYINCA.

Our brand MAYINCA Food services is the connection of two big culinary cultures: the Mayans and the Incans and this brings a lot of seasoning and value to all our creations. This amazing combination brings authenticity, diversity, and creativity to our food and our fusion is reflected in the form of customer satisfaction every time we serve!.